Testimony Don & Judi Apple

I have recently purchased a home to be built by Butler Homes and the process was really easy to go thru the process of picking out all the designs and Becky played a big part into us choosing Butler homes for my project. I was very lucky to be able to visit several job site in Pryor while homes were being constructed, from being roughed in to completion, after searching different builders and options out there on the market for several years I knew I had found the company I wanted to use.

The craftsmanship was very good and they used a very good quality of products and the job sites that I was able to see were very clean and organized. We were able to get started as soon as we cleared everything from the bank, and throughout the process even the bank stated to me several times that they really loved the way they list out the draws, and list what items had been completed.

I personally had a hiccup in the starting of our home being started with all the rain that we received the drive way I had constructed failed during the pouring of the foundation stem wall which gave an unexpected large $ amount that was out of pocket. Just an example: our drive way runs an 1\8 of a mile long and failed due to lack of base and preparation, so be prepared for additional cost if you don’t prep first! The site superintendent kept me informed to where they were and what was coming up next, and always kept us informed of any changes.

The job site contractors were very professional, and each process was inspected and completed before they moved forward, the outside landscaping was completed and shrubs and grass was done in a day! WOW!! Really made the house stand out. The end result was Travis Butler came out and thoroughly walked down the entire home with us and repaired anything we might had concerns on and some that weren’t a big deal to us at all.

Travis marked a lot of little thing throughout the house and the touch ups were completed on a very short timeline. We also would like to say that Becky Played a big part in my home coming together and I want to thank her and Travis and Cecil for all the hard work they put in putting up with us! and have over exceeded my expectation throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend anyone to explore their homes and process before choosing another contractor.

                   - Don & Judi Apple




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