Testimony Casey & Kelli Cowan

The building experience with Butler Homes can be discussed and described in several aspects, however, the focus of our experience can be prioritized by professionalism, detail, service and final product.

To begin our experience it would be difficult to not mention the professionalism by Butler Homes. It was great to have a one point of contact for each phase of the process. Dealing with Travis Butler for the initial design getting it exactly the way we wanted it. Travis was very approachable and was really focused on what our wants were and he was not afraid to give us his opinion on things that we didn’t originally envision that he knew from experience that we would love or hate. He guided us to finished product that we absolutely love all while still feeling that we designed our home ourselves. Becky Orange, being our contact for financials and invoices made that process a smooth one. Being very well organized and punctual, she would always give us plenty of notice for payments to be made and is extremely easy to get along with. Paul Butler, was our contact during the construction of the house itself. He is probably the nicest person we have ever met and would always go the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the way things were happening. Paul would always return phone calls immediately and keep us in the loop of when we could expect to see all that goes into building a house being done. Most importantly, Paul was upfront and honest with us.

The attention that was paid to detail really allowed us to not only enjoy the process, but we were able to understand all that goes into designing the house. I don’t know how many times we weren’t specifically able to explain exactly what we wanted, however, Travis was able to visualize and not disappoint with his guidance. He was extremely helpful in explaining himself and enabling us to make our own decisions about what we wanted in our plans. During the construction of the house, Paul was there every day paying close attention not allowing any corners to be cut and making sure it was exactly like we wanted. It was nice to know that we didn’t have to go behind him on a daily basis and constantly have to check everything out. It was a relief to know that we were getting the exact house that we had designed.

The service provided by Butler Homes was amazing. Having previously built a house where there were several trips to from places trying to pick out so many things and try to remember what you picked out to match up to everything else, simply meeting in Travis’ office two or three times, picking everything out and signing off on them with selection sheets made the entire process easy and created a stress free environment. The volume of which we could select from was massive and we still had options to pick out anything custom we may have seen along the way. His insight on what colors would and would not look good with each other was a big help in choosing the colors we decided for our house. Three examples of the service from Travis and Paul that come to mind are when Travis and Paul didn’t like how our mantle looked (the mantle wasn’t wide enough) and Travis knew we wouldn’t like it, and had it redone to our satisfaction. Secondly, when Travis informed us that the piece of Trustone for our master bathroom couldn’t be made due to its length, he upgraded us to the same granite we had installed in our kitchen. Lastly, during the brick and stone installation, we had put splashes of stone in our brick and upon inspecting it, Paul had the brick layers come back out to redo the splashes as he knew they weren’t done in a manner that we would like. What was most important to us in all three examples is that all of this was completed at no cost to us.

Finally, the final product, our house. We couldn’t be happier with what we have designed and seen from the ground up being built. It was exactly the way we wanted it without a single detail being missed. Even now that we have lived there for about a month, Paul will still check on us a couple of times a week or whenever he is around to ensure that everything is working properly and that we are enjoying ourselves. Needless to say, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Naturally, there have been a couple of bugs needing ironed out but in our only two situations, one was not Butler Homes’ fault but rather the local utilities and the other was an appliance that was working properly and Paul made sure we were taken care and got it fixed right away.

To conclude, if we are ever to build again, there is no doubt in our minds that we will be using Butler Homes again as we had one of the greatest experiences ever.

                   - Casey & Kelli Cowan




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